The New Professional Development Opportunity for Illinois School Superintendents!


**We are Pleased to Announce the Offering of our New ISAL IV Cohort**

We are now accepting applications from superintendents who would like to become a member of the ISAL IV Cohort.  The new cohort is scheduled to begin on January 26, 27,28, 2017.  The remaining dates for the cohort are March 17-18, June 23-24, September 22-23, December 1-2, 2017, February 9-10, April 20-21, June 22-23, 2018.

For more information and to secure an application, click here or contact the ISAL Co-Coordinators:

Dr. Nick Osborne -  
Dr. Gary Zabilka – 


ISAL Video 

ISAL Goal:

To provide practicing Illinois superintendents with experiences that build exemplary knowledge and skills essential for successfully impacting student achievement.

The ISAL program consists of:
Meaningful & Aligned Professional Development…

IASA School for Advanced Leadership (ISAL) Academy members participate in a series of meaningful learning experiences over a two-year program. These learning experiences are aligned to leadership standards. In addition to developing Personal and District Growth Plans, cohort members participate in training that is focused on the superintendent’s role in support of student achievement.

The ISAL training centers around five leadership lenses:
• Facilitator of Shared Moral Purpose
• Change Agent
• Relationship/Culture Promoter
• Capacity Builder
• Coherence Maker

Cohort Experience:
The ISAL program is delivered using the cohort concept. A diverse group of professionals gathering together to share their experiences and to learn from each other as part of a two-year cohort learning opportunity. 

Advanced Designation for ISAL Participants:

Successful participants will earn advanced recognition that will include but may not be limited to IASA Certification, recognition from national search firms, and a designation as a Distinguished IASA School for Advanced Leadership Graduate.

Expanding the Generations of ISAL Cohorts:
ISAL I began in 2010 engaging in a two-year program of leadership development that culminated with their graduation on August 4, 2012. Twenty-three Illinois Superintendents earned the distinguished title of an IASA School for Advanced Leadership Fellow, as a result of their efforts in this first cohort.

ISAL II began on January 11, 2013. Twenty-two superintendents were selected and as a result, 20 of them completed the program and earned the distinction of the title - ISAL Fellow.  This cohort brings the total of ISAL Fellows to 43 superintendents across the State to have earned this prestigious honor.

ISAL III cohort began in January 2015, with the largest group of participants to date - 31 superintendents. Graduation was conducted in May 2016 with the recognition of thirty new ISAL Graduates.  We now have a total of 73 ISAL Fellows in the State of Illinois.

 THE ISAL IMPACT...Cohort Testimonials: 

  • It is wonderful to work with such a dedicated group of professionals. The instructor and guest speakers are national experts in their field. It is awesome to have them available to work with us in such a small group.
  • This experience has allowed me to stop and think about leadership, in particular instructional leadership. Even though I felt confident about my ability in this area, participating in ISAL reminded me of how there is always potential for growth. After all, isn’t instructional leadership the most important role we have as superintendents?
  • The ISAL experience has offered me an opportunity to sit back and reflect on my work as a superintendent. It has provided the structure for me to organize my thoughts and it is wonderful to gain safe and expert feedback!
  • It is a fantastic combination of leadership curriculum, networking, and best practices for superintendents who are interested in challenging themselves,
    their school, their Board of Education, and their community to become better! 

Supportive Coaches:
IASA School for Advanced Leadership participants are assigned a certified coach that works with them to maximize the ISAL experiences. The coach and ISAL participant will be given the opportunity to meet outside of the formal cohort gatherings. The focus of this relationship will be the individualized Personal Growth Plan and the building of build exemplary knowledge and skill sets essential for successfully impacting student achievement at the local level.