• IASA Position Statements - Special Education

    8.1 FINANCING SPECIAL EDUCATION - The IASA believes that legislation pertaining to the special education of handicapped children by the State and federal governments without full funding is discriminatory to the majority of the children by forcing local districts to fund these special education programs at the expense of regular programs. (1/00)

    8.2 SPECIAL EDUCATION/RELATED COSTS - The IASA shall inform the Illinois General Assembly and Governor's Office that children who are wards of the State create a significant impact on local school district budgets when they are placed in temporary shelters and foster homes. Further, the State shall provide 100% of the cost of these placements. The Association shall:

    1. Work to increase the financial incentives to those local school districts which provide alternatives to residential placement for those students. 
    2. Initiate and support legislation that will require the Department of Children and Family Services to involve local school districts in any plans for group placements of children in those districts and that funds for educating the placed youngsters must be earmarked (appropriated, planned for) in the agency's budget prior to finalizing any plan. 
    3. Seek and support legislation for the State of Illinois to provide funds to local school districts for purchasing or constructing additional classrooms that are required to provide instruction for students who reside in state facilities located within the district. (1/02) 


    8.3 SPECIAL EDUCATION-TENURE RIGHTS - The IASA supports legislation that shall restrict the probation, tenure, transfer, dismissal and reduction-in-force rights of teachers in educational cooperatives so that these teachers shall have such rights in a single district and not in multiple districts. (1/00)

    8.4 SPECIAL EDUCATION COSTS - The IASA strongly encourages the State of Illinois to totally fund, in a timely manner and with new monies above and beyond the annual appropriation, the extra costs of educating children with special needs including transportation and accessibility costs, including room and board costs for handicapped children placed in private facilities. (1/00)

    Updated - November 2006