Forecast 5 Analytics
    Forecast5 brings business intelligence to Illinois school districts. 5Sight combines powerful data mining tools and interactive visuals to fast-track discovery and analysis. Key decision makers can use 5Sight to quickly develop financial strategies and action plans. 5Sight Analyze allows users to view, explore, and get behind the details of the data. In
    5Sight, users can:

    • Filter data to a desired view
    • Export to spreadsheet applications or dashboards
    • Unlock the potential of the data in compliance/regulatory reports already submitted
    • Compare to peers, view a trend, or establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    5Share allows school leaders to share information and data visuals. This multiplies the value of 5Sight as new forms of analysis become available to all members.

    5Cast offers a powerful projection tool for districts to project revenue and expenses five years into the future. It can incorporate 5Sight analysis and other assumptions developed by the school district.

    5Lab is an open platform where school districts can design their own analysis projects driven by trained consultants. Benefit: Provides business intelligence that previously was inaccessible for Illinois school districts and allows data driven decisions to be made at the operational and policy levels.

    For more information, go to www.forecast5analytics.com