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    IASA Classes and Academies Currently Scheduled and Available

    Click on dates below for more information or to register; if dates are not listed, courses are not yet scheduled. 
    If you are interested in attending any class not yet scheduled, or any of the other classes listed on our course description page, but do not see them offered below, please contact us.

                           Bringing your why back to you Adaptive Leadership  Moving from good to great

    IASA is excited to announce a new professional development Leadership Strand, featuring a slate of virtual administrator academies designed to elevate your leadership capacity!
    These academies are led by IASA Associate Director of Professional Development, Dr. Courtney Orzel, and Dr. Gary Zabilka, a former superintendent and current IASA Field Services Director with more than 40 years of experience. Pick from one or more of the virtual academies and learn how to reconnect with your why (great for superintendents and their leadership teams), discover how to help your staff be more open minded or explore what it takes to move districts from good to great. Click Here to learn more. 

    Evaluator Academies

    IASA has established a full schedule of virtual academies designed to help educators fulfill state requirements for evaluator initial training and retraining. Each academy is taught by an experienced and knowledgeable educator that will provide you with the tools and skills needed to become a stronger evaluator.

    Academies are being offered for principal evaluator retraining (AA 1865), teacher evaluator retraining (AA 1801) and student growth retraining for both principal and teacher evaluators (AA 3000). In addition, IASA is offering initial principal evaluator training (AA 2000) and initial teacher evaluator training (AA 2001). These academies will take place online via Zoom. Click Here to learn more. 

    Health Life Safety Compliance Academy

    IASA is excited to announce this new academy for administrators and other school personnel designed specifically to provide a deeper understanding of Health Life Safety compliance and processes in Illinois. Participants will develop strategies to reduce your district's liability, engage stakeholders, learn the financial do’s and don’ts, as well as undertake a deep dive into your current 10 year HLS surveys and IWAS. What makes this academy unique is the presenters provide both perspectives on the issue: Ralph Grimm presents the school superintendent’s view, and Pat Durley, the regional superintendent’s. Click Here to learn more. 

    School for Advanced Leadership

    The Illinois School for Advanced Leadership (ISAL) is a proven program that past participants have called “life changing.” Its mission is: "To provide IASA members the experiences that build exemplary leadership, knowledge and skill sets essential for ensuring successful student achievement at the local level." Registration is now open for ISAL VI. Click here to learn more

    Webinars with Women

    The Illinois Association of School Administrators and Illinois Principals Association are proud to partner on a new, five-part series designed to support female educators considering the superintendency.

    Participants will listen and learn from a panel of five distinguished female superintendents. In each session, the panelists will discuss their experiences and share advice on what it takes to land that first job and how to be successful in a leadership role. A facilitator will help lead the conversation, and time will be reserved for participants to ask questions.

    The sessions are free and will take place virtually via Zoom in an informal lunch setting. Click Here to learn more. 

    Women in Leadership Join us for an inspiring, motivating, important and FUN administrators' academy to learn about "Women in Leadership: Learning, Leading and Living!" (AA #3665). There has never been a more important time to reflect on the role of leadership as we live through a global pandemic. We know there is a disproportionate number of female leaders vs. female teachers in the field. This is a topic that is relevant to all educators -- how do we grow and support our female leaders? Leave the academy with tangible and practical ways to build your PLN, support others in the field and gain a greater sense of work-life blend. Click Here to learn more. 

    Mindfulness Matters

    This past year, superintendents have been tasked with not only serving as the CEO of their school district, but also with making health decisions that they simply are not trained to do. It's been challenging, chaotic, stressful and tested everyone's overall mental and emotional health.
    In order to make it through this marathon and continue to be the strongest leader possible, superintendents need to be mindful of their personal health and wellness. That's why IASA is launching "Mindfulness Matters!," a new four-part series that will be held virtually via Zoom. Click Here to learn more. 

    Continuous Improvement Academy

    One of the best ways any superintendent can build confidence in their school board and community is to be able to say, "This is what the data tells us."IASA's academy, "Continuous Improvement in a Data-Driven World: Data-Wise While Seeing the Face of a Child," takes data analysis in school districts to another level, while not forgetting the human component involved in any major decision. Interested? Dr. White is ready to work with districts or with a group of districts in IASA regions. The process begins by clicking the link and sending an email to let Dr. White know you or a group of administrators in your region are interested. Click Here to learn more.