• Illinois Empower

    IASA has been approved as an IL-Empower Learning Provider in the Governance and Management and Curriculum and Instruction categories. We will offer services to Illinois administrators and teachers as they work on school improvement issues. IASA, as part of its services to Illinois school administrators, offers training related to strategic planning, teacher and principal evaluation, coaching of district and school level administrators, school board vision, district and school improvement planning, and district financial planning.

    Our Approach

    We believe what happens in the classroom every day is the most important function of a school. Administrators must have the skills and training necessary to collaboratively lead teachers to be effective teachers.

    Dr. Courtney Orzel will be the main IASA person responsible for providing and offering services to districts through the IL-EMPOWER program. Dr. Orzel has extensive experience and expertise in teacher and principal evaluation, strategic planning, school finance, board/superintendent relations, effective school research and a variety of other educational topics.

    Other IASA personnel who will provide services includes Ralph Grimm. Mr. Grimm is an IASA Field Services Director who has experience reviewing school improvement plans for ISBE and is presently on loan to ISBE as the administrator in charge of the implementation of ESSA.

    In addition to these three individuals, IASA has five other experienced school administrators located all around the state that can provide these services as well.

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