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    **IASA Launches the Fourth ISAL Cohort**
    This past January, 2017, IASA launched its fourth ISAL cohort consisting of 25 superintendents from across the State of Illinois. This cohort, as the others, will meet a total of eight weekends (Fridays/Saturdays) over the next 18 months, with graduation set for May 12, 2018. At that time, those superintendents who successfully complete the rigorous program will be named, "ISAL Fellows."
    Details and history of the ISAL program are listed below. Current superintendents who may wish to be considered for the next cohort - estimated to begin in January 2019--or are simply interested in more information about the program, may contact the ISAL Co-Coordinators.

    Dr. Nick Osborne - nosborne@iasaedu.org
    Dr. Gary Zabilka - gzabilka@iasaedu.org

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    ISAL Goal:
    To provide practicing Illinois superintendents with experiences that build exemplary knowledge and skills essential for successfully impacting student achievement.

    The ISAL program consists of:
    Meaningful & Aligned Professional Development…

    IASA School for Advanced Leadership (ISAL) Academy members participate in a series of meaningful learning experiences over a two-year program. These learning experiences are aligned to leadership standards. In addition to developing Personal and District Growth Plans, cohort members participate in training that is focused on the superintendent’s role in support of student achievement.

    The ISAL training centers around five leadership lenses:
    • Facilitator of Shared Moral Purpose
    • Change Agent
    • Relationship/Culture Promoter
    • Capacity Builder
    • Coherence Maker

    Cohort Experience:
    The ISAL program is delivered using the cohort concept. A diverse group of professionals gathering together to share their experiences and to learn from each other as part of a two-year cohort learning opportunity.