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    Why join ISAL?
    Public education in Illinois is at a crossroads. Leadership matters more than ever as resources are shrinking and expectations of excellence are growing. The mission of ISAL is: "To provide IASA members the experiences that build exemplary leadership, knowledge and skill sets essential for ensuring successful student achievement at the local level."
    The ISAL program is delivered using the cohort concept. A diverse group of professionals gathering together to share their experiences and to learn from each other as part of a two-year cohort learning opportunity. 
    Each ISAL cohort member will have the opportunity to participate in enriching and collaborative learning sessions and be assigned a certified coach that will work with you to maximize the ISAL experiences. The coach and ISAL participant will be given the opportunity to meet outside of the formal cohort gatherings. The focus of this relationship will be the individualized personal and professional growth plans, and the building of exemplary knowledge and skill sets essential for successfully impacting student achievement at the local level. 
    The ISAL cohort will also participate in a series of meaningful learning experiences over the two-year program. These learning experiences will be aligned to leadership standards. In addition to developing personal and professional growth plans, cohort members will participate in training that is focused on the superintendent's role in support of student achievement. The training will center around the following five lenses:
    • Vision
    • Coherence
    • Change
    • Capacity
    • Culture

    Still not sure? Hear from ISAL IV graduates and coaches on how the IASA School for Advanced Leadership can make you a better superintendent.