• Seeking Presenters for Ignite!

    General Session at the 2018 IASA Annual Conference

    Do you have an innovative educational message that your school district would like to share with your colleagues?  Then Ignite! is for you!  Here’s how it works…you make 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds and you speak about the content on the slides. The slides are typically filled with images and very little or no text.  Following the presentations, the presenters will host a panel question/answer session from the audience. We need 5 to 7 presenters to participate in our Ignite! session which will be part of a general session at the IASA Annual Conference.  If you are interested in telling your district’s story in the Ignite! format please contact Dr. Richard J. Voltz, Associate Director for Professional Development, at rvoltz@iasaedu.org.