Closed! Gathering Evidence During Observations & Conferencing Using Danielson - AA #1801


Gathering Evidence During Observations & Conferencing Using the Danielson Model - AA #1801


This course will allow participants to learn effective skills and strategies for using Charlotte Danielson’s Frameworks in a summative setting in order to more effectively: 

  • Identify evidence at the component/element level during formal and informal observations
  • Use evidence to effectively rate staff on the levels of performance for each domain
  • Acquire strategies to support effective collaborative conferencing around formal and informal observations; and 
  • Learn techniques, strategies, and protocols to use when conferencing with staff about professional development.  Course participants will apply these new skills and strategies to a case study of professional practice as it relates to their work in the teacher appraisal system.


Presented by: Dr. Richard Voltz




Melissa Arney
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