The Board and Its Superintendent: Building Relationships (AAC #1833)


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March 1, 2017 - 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Joliet Twp # 204 (Board Room)
300 Caterpillar Drive
Joliet, Illinois 60436



School board governance is complex and differs from district to district. This raises the question: Why are some boards more effective at governing than others? The secret to successful governance revolves around a healthy working relationship between the superintendent and board, in addition to the governance team participating in ongoing professional development.


The purpose of this course is designed to help the board and superintendent govern more effectively by providing prospective, current and future superintendents with the knowledge and skills to establish the ideal relationship with various school boards. The success of the superintendent is contingent upon the success of the school board and vice-versa. By enhancing working relationships between the board and the superintendent by identifying and teaching superintendents on key areas of board governance, one can reasonably forecast that the superintendent will be successful in leading the board to become high functioning.


This Academy will give superintendents the skills and tools they need to be successful and includes a review of the following:


• School board legal status and authority

• School board/superintendent roles and duties

• How to seek and transition to superintendency

• How to build and sustain a high-quality relationship

• The power of the governance team

• The importance of professional development

• The governance team and community relations


Presented by Cathie Pezanoski, superintendent of Elwood #203 and Patrick Rice, field services director for the Illinois Association of School Boards


Registration fee (includes lunch):  $200.00


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Deana Crenshaw
Phone: 217/753-2213


Joliet Twp #204 (Board Room)
300 Caterpillar Drive
Joliet, IL 60436The zipcode must be numeric with at least five numbers.