• IASA Position Statements - Legislation

    1.1 LEGISLATIVE INVOLVEMENT - The IASA shall continue its legislative involvement, encourage increased legislative activity by local school administrators and initiate legislation that will ensure school districts of the powers necessary to carry out their designated responsibilities of educating, in an equitable manner, all public school students in Illinois. (1/00)

    1.2 LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITIES - The IASA shall actively encourage and assist school administrators to effectively evaluate positions of legislative candidates relative to public education and actively support, both financially and through service, those candidates who have demonstrated an understanding and support for the principles of school management to ensure the best education for public school students in Illinois. (1/06)

    1.3 GENERAL ASSEMBLY/OPERATING PROCEDURES - The IASA supports those operating procedures of the General Assembly that promote maximum exchange of information between legislators and interested citizens. (1/00)

    1.4 EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY EDUCATION - The IASA shall provide leadership in guiding local school administrators to seek public support of legislative positions that are essential to effective management and quality education in the State of Illinois. (1/00)

    1.5 INTERGOVERNMENTAL COOPERATION - The IASA shall take aggressive leadership in encouraging intergovernmental cooperation for the best interests of quality education in Illinois. (1/00)

    1.6 LIMITED BILL INTRODUCTIONS - The IASA shall encourage the Illinois General Assembly to limit the quantity of legislation introduced in each two-year period to allow time for each bill to be researched, debated and thoroughly investigated before action by the General Assembly. (1/00)

    1.7 GENERAL ASSEMBLY OPERATION - The IASA shall support changes in the operating procedures of the Illinois General Assembly that would promote maximum exchange of information between legislators and interested citizens and ensure enlightened debate on the merits of all proposed bills and take the action necessary to prevent legislation from being changed by amendments not germane to the original purpose of the bill, or establish a time limit for such amendments sufficient to avoid last minute changes in the final weeks of a legislative session. (1/00)

    1.8 EFFECTIVE DATE - The IASA shall encourage the Illinois General Assembly to allow a minimum of one year lead time for implementation of any regulation or legislation increasing costs in public schools. (1/00)

    Updated - November 2006