• Membership Directory

    Annually in the fall, the IASA publishes and disseminates a directory containing the regional listing of names and addresses of all district superintendents and other members-at-large. Individual IASA members are categorized in the directory by class of membership (i.e., Active, Retired, Associate and Student).

    The membership directory also contains a listing of the IASA School Service Members by business category and recognizes companies by number of years of membership. School Service Members are those businesses and school service entities that provide supplies, materials, equipment and services to school districts. Learn how your firm can advertise in the IASA Membership Directory. Click here to learn more.

    The membership directory also lists the membership of the various IASA committees. The membership deadline to appear in the IASA Membership Directory is August 1 of each year.

    Click here to access an online directory of members.  Please note you must be a paid IASA member to access this file.