• If you have any questions about IASA or would like any additional information please send us a note or call 217/753-2213. We look forward to hearing from you. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The general IASA email is iasa@iasaedu.org.
  • Brent Clark

    Dr. Brent Clark
    Executive Director

  •  Courtney Orzel

    Dr. Courtney Orzel

    Assoc. Director/Prof. Development

  • Jason Nevel

    Jason Nevel
    Dir. of Social Media and Publications

  • Bill Phillips

    Dr. William Phillips
    Field Services Director

  • Gary Zabilka

    Dr. Gary Zabilka
    Field Services Director

  • Marjorie Gladish

    Marjie Gladish
    Office Assistant–Graphic Design

  • Chad Watkins

    Chad Watkins

    Associate Director/General Counsel

  • Cherry Middleton

    Cherry L. Middleton

    Director of Operations and Facilities

  • Ralph Grimm

    Ralph Grimm

    Field Services Director

  • Diane Robertson

    Diane Robertson
    Field Services Director

  • Jodi Gillespie

    Jodi Gillespie
    Office Assistant–Administrative

  • Ashleigh Knudson

    Ashleigh Knudson
    Office Assistant–Governmental Relations

  • Diane Hendren

    Diane L. Hendren

    Sr. Dir. of Gov. Relations/Chief of Staff

  • Madeline McCune

    Madeline McCune

    Director of Governmental Relations 

  • Gary Kelly

    Dr. Gary Kelly
    Field Services Director

  • Victoria Tabbert

    Victoria Tabbert
    Field Services Director

  • Misti Murphy

    Misti Murphy
    Office Assistant–Membership

  • Melissa Arney

    Melissa Arney
    Office Assistant–Professional Development