• As a statewide association, IASA is a united voice for superintendents in the Illinois General Assembly. We work tirelessly to advocate for legislation that will improve education in our state and benefit our members.

    Whenever issues of interest or importance happen at the State Capitol, the IASA will provide members with not only the facts, but also an analysis regarding what legislative proposals mean, potential impacts and what counter-proposals might emerge. The Capitol Watch reports are timely, delivered electronically and only available to IASA members.

    Capitol Watch is intended to complement the comprehensive Alliance Legislative Report, which tracks education legislation as it makes its way through the General Assembly.


    About IASA’s Director of Governmental Relations

    Madeline McCuneMadeline McCune came to IASA in October 2021 from the Illinois House of Representatives, where she served as Research and Budget Analyst. In her duties, she worked directly with lobbyists, agencies and legislators to negotiate education policy. As IASA’s Director of Governmental Relations, she works closely with legislators, the governor’s office, the Illinois State Board of Education and other stakeholders on public policy matters that impact public education. Ms. McCune also provides updates and analysis to IASA members on legislative proposals and the potential impact on schools.