• EBM Making a Difference

    Since its passage last year, the Evidence-Based Funding Model has provided an additional $650 million for public schools—no small feat given the backlog of unpaid bills in Illinois.

    Evidence is already in showing how the funds are making a difference statewide. The FY18 dollars alone made sure no districts were below 50 percent of adequacy.

    But how are individual school districts using new tier funds to improve student outcomes?

    To find out, IASA is speaking with school superintendents across the state to learn what each is doing with the funding. What was clear from the conversations is that superintendents know how to stretch a dollar. EBM dollars are being used to hire instructional coaches and music teachers, boost technology and support major educational initiatives, for example.

    IASA believes these are important stories to tell as we, along with other educational stakeholders, continue to advocate for increased EBM funding. Simply put, if lawmakers are going to continue to fund the formula, they need to know how school districts are spending the money.

    So here’s a closer look at how districts across Illinois are using EBM funds to improve student learning. We will continue to add more schools to this map every month. Or, CLICK HERE to view a document with all school stories.