• Leadership matters

    In August 2018, we launched our Making a Difference series to better understand how Evidence-Based Funding is helping Illinois students. We profiled 50 school districts and one thing was abundantly clear from our conversations with superintendents. The state’s investment into public education is making a difference. STEM programs were created, social workers and counselors hired, class sizes reduced, electives restored and student safety improved, all as a result of just two years of additional state funding.

    In September 2019, we resumed our series on how school districts across the state are using Evidence-Based Funding dollars to improve student outcomes. The series this time around, however, has a new wrinkle. In addition to learning how the dollars have already made a difference, superintendents shared what continued support of the Evidence-Based Funding Formula would mean for their school districts going forward.

    Telling these stories is important as IASA continues to advocate for the EBF formula to be properly funded over time. Below you can find an interactive map on our website with the stories of all 93 schools we have profiled so far.