Illinois School Administrators Political Action Committee (IPAC)

    The Illinois School Administrators Political Action Committee (IPAC) is a statewide, non-partisan political action committee formed by the IASA to benefit school leaders in the pursuit of educational excellence through continued school improvement. Membership in IPAC is on an individual basis with  annual dues.

    The IPAC funds are used to make contributions to the four leaders in the General Assembly and to legislators who will stand up and support public education. One of the strengths of the IASA and IPAC is that we provide legislators with timely and accurate information on issues affecting public education. Membership in IPAC gives school administrators a strong, unified way to participate in the political process. No IPAC funds are used for administration of IPAC.

    The IASA director of governmental relations also participates in the Alliance Political Action Committee (APAC), a separate organization that endorses candidates for Governor and for the General Assembly. APAC funds also are used to allow school officials to attend legislative events that cannot be paid for with school district funds and are too costly for school officials.

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    Alliance PAC
    Alliance Political Action Committee
    The Alliance Political Action Committee has been created to support the work of the Illinois Statewide School Management Alliance which was formed in 1992. The Alliance PAC works to provide funds for the election of qualified candidates to public office who are supportive of school management. School administrators, board members, principals and business officials are encouraged to participate in the Alliance PAC by giving an annual contribution of $25.00.
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