Illinois School Administrators Political Action Committee (IPAC)


    IPACIPAC is a statewide, non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC), organized by members of the Illinois Association of School Administrators. It is funded by contributions from individual school administrators and the IASA. The dollars are distributed strategically as campaign contributions to legislators from both political parties aligned with our educational mission.

    Why support IPAC? 

    A well-funded IPAC is an essential tool to get legislators to listen to our challenges and support our mission. Your donation ensures IASA keeps its seat at the table, secures face-to-face time with legislators and continues to have meaningful input on education policy. This partnership plays a key role in advancing IASA legislative priorities, reducing unfunded mandates and limiting legislation that could be harmful to school districts. Contributions are also vital in IASA’s ability to block or amend unfunded and curricular mandates introduced each legislative session. 

    What has IPAC accomplished? 

    The dollars have been integral to the success of Vision 20/20, the passage of Evidence-Based Funding and other key legislative victories that have improved public education in Illinois. Your contributions also help block or amend short-sighted legislation that has unintended consequences on student learning. 

    How much are IPAC contributions?

    Our goal is to have every IASA member support IPAC. IPAC contributions are $100.

    How is your contribution spent? 

    IPAC contributions position IASA to have legislative success. The funds are used to make strategic campaign contributions and pay costs associated with attending legislative outings and events. Attending these events increases our face-to-face time with legislators, enhancing our advocacy efforts.

    Click Here to contribute online. Click Here to access a printable form. 
    Want to learn more? Click Here to watch a video about the importance of IPAC.