• IASA Position Statements - Local-State-Federal Relations

    6.1 LOCAL CONTROL - The IASA shall take all appropriate action to encourage members of the U.S. Congress, the Illinois General Assembly, related administrative agencies, and State and federal courts to refrain from introducing, supporting or promulgating rules, regulations and legislation which deprive local school boards of decision-making powers on matters in which there is not a clear and compelling State or national interest. (11/06)

    - The IASA supports requiring planning commissions, zoning boards and the governing bodies of the jurisdiction in which real estate developments or zoning changes are proposed to notify the school district affected about such proposals and related hearings. This notice should occur prior to action approving any zoning changes or real estate developments. (11/06)

    6.3 ELIMINATION OF STATE AND FEDERAL MANDATES - The IASA shall support state rules and regulations, as determined by ISBE and other state agencies, that shall not exceed federal rules and regulations to the detriment of the educational process in Illinois. (1/00)

    6.4 MANDATES ACT COMPLIANCE - The IASA shall urge the members of the General Assembly to comply with the State Mandates Act and refrain from passing any legislation that contains any exemptions from the Act, and urge the Governor to veto any such legislation that may reach the Governor's desk. (1/00)

    6.5 STATE AND FEDERAL GRANT CARRYOVER - The IASA shall encourage the state and federal governments to remove carryover restrictions on grant programs that currently require local school districts to return grant fund balances back to the state. (1/00)

    6.6 RAILROAD CROSSING - The IASA urges the Illinois General Assembly, the Congress of the United States, State and federal commerce commissions and railroad industries to continue working toward the installation of adequate warning devices at all railroad crossings maintained for public use in Illinois. (11/06)

    6.7 DISTRICT REORGANIZATION - The IASA shall seek, encourage, and support efforts for school district reorganization - in all forms - to include a requirement that before such reorganization is deemed passed, a majority vote of voters in each of the affected districts is necessary. (11/06)

    - The IASA opposes any programs mandated by the Illinois General Assembly or the Illinois State Board of Education and implemented and enforced by regional offices resulting in reduction or destruction of local and lay control of common schools by community elected school boards. (1/00)

    6.9 SCHOOL HOLIDAYS - The IASA shall support legislation to reduce the current number of legal school holidays in Section 24-2 of The School Code and supports a moratorium on the creation of any additional legal school holidays. (1/00)

    6.10 LIABILITY INSURANCE REFORM - The IASA shall support legislative changes that will limit damage awards arising out of tort actions and streamline the legal process to avoid lengthy litigations and frivolous lawsuits. (1/00)

    6.11 DISCIPLINE FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENTS - The IASA shall develop and implement a legislative agenda at the Federal and State levels which urges the adoption of legislation easing the legal restrictions imposed on local school boards for disciplining students enrolled in special education programs, including the suspension and expulsion of such students. (1/00)

    6.12 TORT IMMUNITY FUND - The IASA shall oppose legislation that seeks to limit a school district's legitimate use of the tort immunity fund. This includes amendments to the Local Government and Governmental Employees Tort Immunity Act that would prohibit the issuance of bonds or the levying of taxes by a school board to fund the costs of complying with equitable remedies or relief, or with an injunction agreed to by the school board or ordered by any court. (1/00)

    6.13 STATUTORY JOB DESCRIPTION - The IASA shall oppose legislation which allows job descriptions for employees of school districts to be placed into state law. (1/00)

    6.14 FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT - The IASA shall support legislation at both the Federal and State levels to exempt school district employees from overtime and salary regulations as described in the Fair Labor Standards Act. (10/05)

    6.15 POLLING PLACES IN SCHOOLS - The IASA shall support legislation that amends the Election Code to allow a school district to refuse to be used as a polling place during elections for student safety reasons. (1/08)

    6.16 THIRD PARTY CONTRACTING – The IASA shall strongly oppose legislation or rulemaking that regulates and restricts the ability of school boards to contract with third-parties for the provision of non-instructional services. The Illinois Association of School Administrators shall seek to repeal or amend the provisions of the School Code which unreasonably restrict the ability of school boards to enter into contracts with third-parties for the provision of non-instruction services. (2/13)

    Updated – February 2013