• IASA Position Statements - Board of Education/District Organization

    7.1 EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES - The IASA strongly supports local boards of education rights of self-determination and control, as duly elected representatives of the community, regarding hiring, dismissal and staff reduction of certificated and educational support personnel. To this end, the Association shall support statutory, rules and regulations changes that will:
    • enable the initial placement of employees on the salary schedule without regard to years of experience or graduate credit;
    • allow for greater flexibility in staffing patterns to improve efficiency and effectiveness of programs;
    • maintain the tenure rights of teachers in cooperatives in a single district but not in multiple districts; and
    • allow school districts to take action on reductions in force up to sixty calendar days following the date elementary and secondary appropriations bills become law. 
    (Portions adopted 1976, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1988; Amended 1988, 1996, 2006, 2012; Reaffirmed 1992, 2011)

    7.2 DETERMINATION OF TEACHER SALARIES - The IASA supports the authority of local boards of education to determine teacher salaries. (1/00)

    7.3 FREE TEXTBOOKS - The IASA supports the concept of school boards having the right of self-determination in the selection of school textbooks and would oppose any attempt by the Illinois State Board of Education to require the use of certain texts in order to administer the free textbook program. (1/00)

    7.4 DETERMINATION OF CURRICULAR MATERIALS - The IASA supports the right and responsibility of each local school board to determine its curricular content. (1/02)

    7.5 ESP PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES - The IASA shall support legislation that allows local school boards to negotiate local contractual arrangements for education support personnel including but not limited to, progressive disciplinary procedures. (1/00)

    7.6 ELECTION PROCESS - The IASA shall support legislation which would allow voters, by a referendum placed on the ballot by the school board, to change the election of their school board from any form of sub-district to one at-large district. A majority vote from each sub-district would be required for passage. (1/00)

    - The IASA shall urge the Illinois General Assembly to review and revise the school ballot formats as established in Section 9-12 of the School Code to more clearly identify for whom the voter is casting the ballot. (1/02)

    7.8 ANNEXING DISTRICT REQUIREMENTS - The IASA shall seek an amendment to Article 7 of The School Code providing that neither a petition initiated by the citizens of one school district nor a petition initiated by a local school board of education seeking to annex their entire school district or a portion of the school district above and beyond one (1) home to another should be permitted without the affirmative vote of the citizens of each of the school districts affected. Specifically, 105 ILCS 5/7-1 and 7-2 shall be amended to include the following language: "When a petition is initiated by two-thirds (2/3rds) of the registered voters in one school district seeking to annex said district in its entirety to another school district or school districts and the board of education of such receiving school district or school districts has not adopted a resolution agreeing to such annexation, such annexation, if approved by the regional board of school trustees, shall not become effective until it is approved in an election called for the purpose of voting on the question of the voters in each school district affected." (11/06)

    7.9 DETACHMENT FROM UNIT DISTRICT - The IASA shall oppose any efforts to amend the Illinois School Code to allow for less restrictive procedures for school districts to detach and form a new district. (11/06)

    7.10 BOARD MEMBER – TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT - The IASA shall support legislation which will allow members of Boards of Education to be reimbursed for mileage for school board meetings held in compliance with the Open Meetings Act. Mileage reimbursement would be paid at the district approved allowable travel reimbursement rate not to exceed the federally allowable travel reimbursement rate. (1/09)

    7.11 SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER TRAINING - The IASA shall oppose any legislation that includes a provision for mandatory training of school board members. The IASB encourages local boards of education to model continuous improvements by pursuing all professional development and training opportunities. The IASB, with its unique combination of expertise and resources, is uniquely in the position to be the primary agency responsible for school board member training and professional development as recognized by Article 23 of the Illinois School Code. (1/09)

    7.12 TIME OFF ALLOWED FOR REQUIRED TRAINING – The IASA believes that the work of locally elected, volunteer school board members should be valued and that employers should be encouraged to allow employees to utilize vacation days or days off with pay to attend mandated school board member training and professional development opportunities offered by the Illinois Association of School Boards or other approved training providers. (2/13)

    Updated – February 2013