• IASA Position Statements - Students

    11.1 STUDENT ASSESSMENT - The IASA shall support legislation that will modify required State student assessments so testing does not go beyond what is required by federal law, and that prohibits the Illinois State Board of Education from pursuing activities designed to expand student assessment without legislative approval. Further, IASA shall support efforts to modify the Illinois and federal student assessment processes so that they will:

    • reduce costs to schools, the state and therefore taxpayers;
    • enhance student achievement;
    • increase student instructional time and facilitate test score comparability within and across state lines;
    • fairly test students who are English language learners so that their academic progress can be accurately assessed regardless of their fluency;
    • return test results in a manner that will allow school districts to maximize student learning;
    • comply with the federal accountability mandate tied to testing;
    • maintain a needed emphasis on the Illinois Learning Standards; and 
    • develop a reporting process that reflects a school's progress beyond simply student assessment scores (1/09)
    11.2 ISBE PROPOSED RULES REGARDING THE 11TH GRADE TESTING/ACCOUNTABILITY ISSUE – The IASA supports a rule that will require the testing of all students when they have taken and passed the required coursework to achieve 11th grade status. IASA further supports the reporting of all student scores as part of the cohort that takes the exam that spring. Whether a student takes three years or more, when they take the exam, ALL Student scores will be reported as a cohort for holding the school accountable for student performance. (09/10)

    11.3 STANDARDIZED TEST PROCEDURES - The IASA shall urge the Illinois State Board of Education to contract with a national testing company to develop a state assessment test that will test the Illinois Standards on a yearly basis in compliance with, and only testing those areas required by, the federal "Every Student Succeeds" Act. Further, the IASA shall support legislation to:
    • require that the test be given no earlier than April of each year with results received by districts no later than August 1 of that same year;
    • acknowledge that assessments include both an annual overall performance measure as well as a system of local formative classroom-level assessments that are linked to desired standards;
    • require that the test will remain the same for ten years with only changes in the test items to maintain security; and 
    • require that the cut scores be set before the test results are tabulated; leaving the score ranges the same from year to year and from grade to grade; and
    • expedite and fully fund test development and implementation of an appropriate assessment instrument for English language learners. (2/17)
    11.4 KIDS ASSESSMENT - The IASA shall urge the Illinois State Board of Education to clarify the intent and purpose of the KIDS assessment program and allow school districts that have systems of assessment (that meet the requirement of research-based measures) and programs to meet identified needs in place to “opt out” of administering the KIDS Assessment through a waiver process:

    The IASA shall urge that:
    • The ISBE first provide an “approved list” of research-based assessments that can continue to be used in lieu of the KIDS assessment. 
    • For districts that cannot “opt out”
         o Decrease the number of domains required as well as the data collection times (collect two times per year as opposed to three)
         o Provide timely feedback that can be used to inform instructional practices
         o Provide in-depth, quality professional development to ensure fidelity of implementation
    • Delay the implementation of this initiative until there is full opportunity for quality training for all and that a waiver process be prepared and approved. (2/16)
    11.5 STUDENT ACADEMIC PLACEMENT – The IASA shall support local school district and parent collaboration, evaluation and decision-making regarding the grade-level placement of students based upon their academic, social, and emotional maturity and readiness to advance. When parental advancement requests deviate from normal school advancement, school districts maintain the authority to evaluate and place students. (09/10)

    - The IASA shall work with the American Association of School Administrators and other coalitions to urge Congress and the General Assembly of Illinois to, regarding the Every Student Succeeds Act, replace the opt-out burden on parents with an opt-in provision with regard to the requirement of secondary schools to disclose student information to military recruiters. (02/17)

    11.7 HOMELESS STUDENT TRANSPORTATION – The IASA shall support legislation conforming Illinois law with federal law, specifically related to 105 ILCS 45 and the requirement for school districts to transport homeless students beyond district boundaries. (2/13)

    Updated – February 2017