• IASA Position Statements - Miscellaneous

    12.1 REGIONAL OFFICE OVERSIGHT BOARDS - The IASA shall support a change in the legal status of the Regional Office of Education Board from oversight to "advisory," as referenced in 105 ILCS 5/3A-16 and 17. (1/00)

    12.2 ILLINOIS PUBLIC EDUCATION GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE - The IASA believes it is in the best interest of the continued improvement of the Illinois Public School system and the students it serves that:

    • There should be nine members on the Illinois State Board of Education with no more than five members of the Board from any one political party. 
    • The members of the State Board of Education should be appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. 
    • The Chairperson of the State Board of Education should be elected by the members of the State Board of Education from within the membership of the Board. 
    • The election of the Chairperson of the State Board of Education should not require State Senate confirmation. 
    • The employment of the State Superintendent of Education shall primarily be a function of the State Board of Education. (1/03) 
    12.3 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT CHANGES – The IASA Shall support legislation to modify the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to facilitate school districts’ compliance with the Act and to remove unnecessary burdens on units of local government. The legislative changes should:
    • Increase allowable FOIA response time from 5 business to 10 business days
    • Exclude official school breaks in business day response time
    • Allow denials for commercial purposes
    • Allow denials for any request that is unduly burdensome
    • Clarify language that would allow a request to be denied if it is unduly burdensome to the public body if the public body deems compliance with the request would result in excessive response costs
    • Allow the imposition of reasonable fees regardless of the number of pages being provided
    • Remove the balancing test between the public’s interest and the employee’s right to privacy in the privacy exception
    • Expand the evaluation exemption to cover all school employees
    • Exempt employment applications to protect the privacy of individuals that apply for high profile employment positions
    • Delete provisions requiring public bodies to write a virtual legal opinion as to why they are claiming an exemption
    • Delete provisions requiring public bodies to prepare a virtual legal pleading before being challenged for a denial
    • Limit public bodies’ liability by limiting a court’s inquiry to violations of the FOIA Act and not the content of information provided
    • Force the Public Access Counselor to defend its decisions before a court of law if a public body is sued
    • Allow public bodies to seek review of a binding opinion of the Public Access Counselor in the county in which they are located rather than just Sangamon or Cook Counties. (09/10)
    12.4 CLOCK HOURS VS MINUTES – The IASA shall research the impact and viability of moving from a methodology of required days of student instruction to minutes of student instruction as necessary to compensate for minutes of instruction lost due to school closures caused by disaster, flood, extreme weather conditions, evacuations or other events beyond the control of the school district. (2/17)

    Updated - February 2017