• Professional Services

    • A full-time staff attorney is available to provide technical and legal assistance and personal employment contract review as well as other legal support, including financial support.

    • A full-time legislative director provides advocacy on key issues before the Illinois General Assembly, monitors key legislation and keeps members well-informed on matters affecting education.

    • A full-time director of professional development offers a comprehensive program, including orientation and mentoring for new superintendents as well as mailings and workshops throughout the year. The use of social media and technology more effectively helps superintendents meet the challenges facing them.

    • A full-time communications director to help develop communications strategies and messages for key issues.

    • Field Services Directors to assist with mentoring new superintendents.

    • Resume/credentials review, personal/career counseling and retirement information is provided by IASA staff to assist member superintendents.

    IASA Legal Support Program

    A primary aim of the IASA is to support the administrator and assure due process by providing legal assistance to members in job-related legal actions or proceedings. Click Here to learn more. 

    Return of Dues Program

    The Return of Dues Program returns a payment proportionate to the amount of dues paid during the past ten consecutive years, upon death, to the designated beneficiary of an IASA Active, Full-Time Professor, or Retired Member. In the 11th year of retirement, the Return of Dues program lapses.  To designate a beneficiary, contact the IASA office at 217/753-2213.