• Membership Drive 2022
    Active Membership

    IASA Active Membership is available to individuals contributing to the Teacher's Retirement System who are employed in Illinois as a school administrator, an administrative staff member of the Illinois State Board of Education, an administrative staff member of the Illinois Association of School Boards (provided such person has previously worked as a school administrator), a superintendent/assistant superintendent of a regional office of education or an educational cooperative of school systems.
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    Click here to download and print a copy of the IASA Membership Invoice for FY 2022.
     Membership has its privileges: 
    • Legal Support Program
      IASA’s in-house attorney provides legal counsel regarding superintendent contracts and legal assistance in job-related legal actions or proceedings.
    • Return of Dues Program
      A payment proportionate to the amount of dues paid during the past 10 consecutive years is made to a member’s beneficiary upon an active member’s death.
    • Mentoring
      Whether it is through one-on-one contact with the IASA Executive Director or through one of the Field Services Directors, members have quick access to experienced school administrators.
    • Legislative Advocacy
      IASA’s governmental relations director tracks legislation that affects public education, lobbies on behalf of IASA’s positions and keeps members informed with Capitol Watch updates and analysis.
    • Professional Development
      IASA’s professional development director offers timely academies, workshops and blogs that provide helpful instruction to deal with emerging issues facing school leaders.
    • Communications Services
      IASA’s communications team assists superintendents in the development of media statements or letters to parents regarding issues that arise in a school district.  Stay up-to-date on the latest news via IASA social media channels, news alerts and Leadership Matters.
    • Conference  Opportunity
      IASA’s Annual Conference in the fall offers members the opportunity to hear from nationally known speakers and to network with colleagues from throughout the state.
    The IASA membership year is July 1 to June 30.
             IASA Active Membership Dues for 2021-2022:
             TRS Salary X .7% (.007)
             TRS Salary is Base Salary X 1.098901 (TRS factor)
             (i.e. Base Salary of $90,000 X 1.098901 X .007 = $692.31 for 2021-22 IASA Active Dues)
    We also offer the opportunity for you to process your AASA Membership Dues for FY 2022 with the payment of your IASA dues. There are many advantages of joint IASA/AASA membership, especially as it pertains to the professional development opportunities and the Legal Support Programs. Payment of AASA dues is optional and in addition to your IASA membership dues. AASA Active Membership Dues for FY 2022: $470
    Note: If you will be retiring this year or have any questions about these or other membership benefits, please contact Misti Murphy at mmurphy@iasaedu.org or 217/753-2213.