• Active Membership
    IASA Active Membership is available to individuals contributing to the Teacher's Retirement System who are employed in Illinois as a school administrator, an administrative staff member of the Illinois State Board of Education, an administrative staff member of the Illinois Association of School Boards (provided such person has previously worked as a school administrator), a superintendent/assistant superintendent of a regional office of education or an educational cooperative of school systems.
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    Membership has its advantages: 
    Legal Services and Support
    At no additional cost, members can contact IASA’s in-house general counsel for legal consultation regarding superintendent contracts and assistance in job-related legal actions or proceedings. Members also have access to free legal workshops that cover timely topics and important matters.

    IASA employs six retired superintendents that provide mentoring services and one-on-one assistance to first, second and third-year superintendents. Our Field Services Directors are available 24/7 to answer your calls and support you in your new leadership role.

    The superintendency does not have to be a lonely job! IASA connects you with your peers and helps you build your network, so you don’t have to face immense challenges alone.

    Academies and Workshops
    Need help crafting a budget, preparing a tax levy, evaluating staff or improving your or your team’s leadership skills? IASA has you covered. IASA members have access to essential academies and workshops led by knowledgeable and experienced practitioners.

    On-Demand Professional Development
    IASA is deeply committed to personalized and on-demand professional development. Opportunities include Institute Presentations, Administrative Team Academies, Custom Workshops and Leadership Coaching. We’re here to support the professional development needs of our members across the state.

    Legislative Advocacy
    IASA membership strengthens the voice of superintendents at the Illinois statehouse. We work tirelessly to advocate for legislation that will improve education in our state and benefit our members. Through IASA membership, you have access to a Bill Tracker/Analysis tool on the IASA website and receive legislative updates via Capitol Watch. Also, our legislative team is always available to answer your questions.

    Communications Support
    When a crisis hits, call IASA’s communications team any time for assistance with media statements or letters to parents. We can craft a message that informs your community, calms fears and helps you manage a difficult situation. Template letters can be found on the IASA website.

    Publications and Resources
    IASA members receive a task calendar that helps keep you on track with deadlines, reports and responsibilities of the superintendency. IASA members also stay current on education news with our daily newsletter, Eye on Education, and receive a monthly magazine, Leadership Matters.

    Premier Superintendent Conferences
    IASA’s Annual Conference is designed by Illinois superintendents for Illinois superintendents. Join your peers for three days of networking, learning and hearing from nationally known speakers. Our New Superintendents Conference covers everything you need to know to hit the ground running as a superintendent.

    Return Of Dues Program
    A payment proportionate to the amount of dues paid during the past 10 consecutive years is made to a member’s beneficiary upon an active member’s death.

    The IASA membership year is July 1 to June 30.

             IASA Active Membership Dues for 2022-2023:
             TRS Salary X .7% (.007)
             TRS Salary is Base Salary X 1.098901 (TRS factor)
             (i.e. Base Salary of $90,000 X 1.098901 X .007 = $692.31 for 2022-23 IASA Active Dues)
    We also offer the opportunity for you to process your AASA Membership Dues for FY 2023 with the payment of your IASA dues. There are many advantages of joint IASA/AASA membership, especially as it pertains to the professional development opportunities and the Legal Support Programs. Payment of AASA dues is optional and in addition to your IASA membership dues. AASA Active Membership Dues for FY 2023: $470
    Note: If you will be retiring this year or have any questions about these or other membership benefits, please contact Misti Murphy at mmurphy@iasaedu.org or 217/753-2213.