AASA Governance - Illinois Representatives 

    AASA Executive Committee - The AASA Executive Committee articulates the mission and goals of the association, makes recommendations regarding resolutions submitted by the membership, and evaluates the Executive Director.  As advocates for education, the AASA Executive Committee develops the Association's legislative agenda.  Every five years, the committee reviews the composition of the AASA Regions and, if necessary, recommends modifications.

    AASA Executive Committee
    Dr. Jennifer Kelsall, Superintendent - Ridgewood CHSD #234 (Term expires 6/30/2027)
    AASA Governing Board
    Illinois holds six seats on the AASA Governing Board. The representatives for each IASA Super Region are:

    IASA Northcentral Super Region

    Dr. Kristin Humphries, Superintendent - East Moline SD #37 (Term expires 6/30/2026)

           Timothy Schurman, Superintendent - Chadwick-Milledgeville CUSD #399 (Term expires 6/30/2027)

    IASA Northeastern Super Region

    Dr. Michael C. Connolly, Superintendent - Wheeling CCSD #21 (Term expires 6/30/2026)

    Dr. Bhavna Sharma-Lewis, Superintendent – Diamond Lake SD #76 (Term expires 6/30/2025)


    IASA Southern Super Region

    Dr. Kevin Blankenship, Superintendent - Scott-Morgan CUSD #2 and Winchester CUSD #1

    Dr. Scott Doerr, Superintendent - Nokomis CUSD #22 (Term expires 6/30/2025)


    The AASA Governing Board meets twice per year: AASA National Conference and summer.
    Questions - contact Cherry Middleton at 217/753-2213 or cmiddleton@iasaedu.org