• Board of Directors

    The IASA Board of Directors is composed of one member elected from each region and up to two at-large members. The officers of the Association shall be the President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President. The board meets five times a year and Board members serve without compensation. The members of the Board of Directors serve in leadership positions on the Governmental and Membership Strategies Delegations, representative committees and operational committees.

  • Roger Alvey

    Dr. Roger Alvey
    Illini Bluffs #327

  • barb thompson

    Treasurer and Illini
    Barb Thompson 
    Fisher CUSD #1

  • Jay Morrow

    Dr. Jay Morrow
    United Twp HSD #30

  • Dr. Jeff Stawick

    Cook South
    Dr. Jeff Stawick 
    CCSD #146

  • Dr. Hank Thiele

    Dr. Hank Thiele
    CHSD #99

  • Stephen Wilder

    Stephen Wilder
    Sycamore CUSD #427

  • Dr. Lori James-Gross

    Dr. Lori James-Gross
    Unity Point CCSD #140 

  • Dr. Kelly Bunch

    Two Rivers 
    Dr. Kelle Bunch 
    Liberty CUSD #2

  • Dr. Kimako Patterson

    At-Large Director
    Dr. Kimako Patterson
    Prairie-Hills ESD #144

  • Dr. Anthony Scarsella

    Dr. Anthony Scarsella 
    Palos CCSD #118

  • Steve Wrobleski

    Secretary and Starved Rock
    Dr. Steve Wrobleski 
    La Salle-Peru Twp HSD #120

  • Chad Wagner

    Central Illinois Valley
    Dr. Chad Wagner
    Elmwood CUSD #322

  • Kevin Skinkis

    Cook West
    Dr. Kevin Skinkis 
    Riverside-Brookfield HSD #208 

  • Richard Towers

    Richard Towers 
    Christopher USD #99

  • Bob Gold

    Robert Gold 
    Big Hollow SD #38 

  • Matt Stines

    Matthew Stines 
    Grant CCSD #110

  • Andrew Johnson

    Wabash Valley 
    Andrew Johnson 
    Effingham CUSD #40

  • Dr. Kevin Blankenship

    Past President
    Dr. Kevin Blankenship
    Scott Morgan/Winchester

  • Tip Reedy

    Abe Lincoln
    Tip Reedy
    Williamsville CUSD #15

  • Don Angelaccio

    Cook North
    Dr. Don Angelaccio
    Prospect Heights SD #23

  • Ryan Mcguckin

    Corn Belt
    Ryan McGuckin
    Woodland CUSD #5

  • Scott Doerr

    Dr. Scott Doerr
    Nokomis CUSD #22

  • Timothy Schurman

    Timothy J. Schurman 
    Chadwick-Milledgeville CUSD #399

  • Dr. John Palan

    Three Rivers 
    Dr. John Palan 
    Grant Park CUSD #6

  • Christopher Janssen

    Christopher Janssen 
    Spoon River Valley CUSD #4