• Effective Implementation of Student Growth Measures (AAC #1515)

    This course will teach administrators how to manage the measurement of student growth in classrooms and evaluations. Using student growth on evaluations doesn't have to be so hard; it doesn't have to meet so much resistance. This course will focus on leveraging current Common Core alignment work to meet upcoming state requirements, best practices for laying assessment development groundwork, and how to begin the important discussions necessary to comply with the new PERA law in a meaningful way. The course simplifies the complicated topic of using student growth in evaluations and provides attendees knowledge, resources and tools that can be immediately implemented.


    • Participants will know how to collect data to measure student growth in classrooms for teacher evaluations and know how this aligns to the IL law in terms of required data gathered for use on teacher evaluations.
    • Participants will understand how to align assessments to curriculum that can be used to measure student growth and sustain such implementation.
    • Participants will know how to measure student growth and assess development strategies to ensure students are fairly assessed with mirrored assessment sets of similar form, content and cognitive in rigor, alignment and quality.