• Program Evaluation for 1:1 Instructional Models in K-12 Education (AAC #1447)

    The purpose of this academy is to help administrators evaluate a One to One technology program whether currently in place or being planned. Participants will develop a program evaluation rubric that covers the following facets of a 1:1 Program: 1) the technology infrastructure and how to measure its efficiency and effectiveness; 2) the polices in place to support the program; 3) the hardware and software in place; 4) the technology support to provide for break/fix, etc.; 5) the staff development for startup and for ongoing support; 6) an instructional plan to ensure adequate access and flexibility for success; and 7) a student growth model to determine the impact of 1:1 devices.


    • Participants will understand the terminology used around 1:1 programming so as to be able to fully participate in discussion and decisions regarding the evaluation and refinement of 1:1 programs.
    • Participants will understand what policies and procedures should be in place in order to successfully support a 1:1 program.
    • Participants will understand how to evaluate the infrastructure required for a 1:1 program, and various bandwidth measurement reports to make determinations about school/district infrastructure needs.
    • Participants will know how to evaluate 1:1instructional programs through the lenses of program evaluation models.
    • Participants will be able to review 1:1 program evaluation documents to determine next steps for revision.