• Teacher Supervision Advanced Training in the Danielson Model – Revised 2015 (AAC #1193)

    In this course, participants will complete an in-depth study of the standards for performance in Charlotte Danielson's Enhancing Professional Practice model. In addition, participants will explore the Illinois State Model for teacher evaluation, based on the Danielson Framework. They will then learn to synthesize these standards into their plan for evaluation for their department or school.


    • Participants will know the basic concepts included in the four domains of Danielson’s Framework for Professional Practice.
    • Participants will know the 84 elements and levels of performance in the Danielson model and will be able to design a supervision plan for their departments/schools using these performance categories.
    • Participants will understand the Danielson Illinois State foundational model for teacher evaluation, including its focus on student learning.
    • Participants will know how observational data and feedback are used in teacher evaluation.