• Coaching Teacher Evaluators to Effectively Rate Teachers (AAC #1787)
    Illinois Teacher evaluators are required to pass the mandated teacher evaluation training. The modules in this training do not provide personal coaching for the teacher evaluators. In this academy Dr. Richard Voltz, a trained teacher evaluator coach, with vast amounts of personal successful experience as a teacher evaluator, actually goes with the teacher evaluator into the classroom and in the post-observation conference to coach the participant on best practices for teacher evaluation. This academy is designed for the evaluator to improve his/her skills. Participants will be coached on:
    1) How to use data collection tools provided in the academy; and
    2) How to collect evidence related to the Danielson Domains/Components; and
    3) How to focus on the student/learner; and
    4) How to summarize the evidence for rating purposes; and
    5) How to develop reflective questions for the teacher; and
    6) How to encourage the teacher to improve his/her own performance.
    Dissemination Component:
    Part I:
    Participants will be required to watch five videos noted in Outcome #1, they will then be required to post their answers to a discussion board for this academy. The provider will evaluate the participant answers according to a rubric designed for this purpose & each participant will need to review the answers of two other participants & respond on the discussion board what the participant learned from other participants responses & how that participant will incorporate or not incorporate the strategies of the other participants into his/her own teacher evaluation processes.
    Part II:
    Participants will be required to rank order, with justification, the Components of Domains 2 & 3 to determine the relative importance of each component. This rank order will be posted to the discussion board. The provider will compile the answers for all participants & this list will be discussed during the group training session.

    Part III:
    Participants will be required to collect evidence on a minimum of three informal teacher observations of at least 10 minutes for each observation. The provider will evaluate the observational evidence with the participant after each observation. At least two other participants will share with the first participant the observational evidence they have gathered. The first participant will then be required to develop a minimum of one reflective question for informal observation. The other participants will provide input & suggestions for the reflective questions.