• The Law as it Relates to the Rights, Employment, Retention and Dismissal of Teachers (AAC #1118)

    This Administrators’ Academy course gives essential legal information as it applies to the instructional program, religion in public schools and student rights and shows how these areas articulate with teacher liability. A special component of the academy will be addressing the rights, employment, retention and dismissal of teachers. Time will be devoted to how administrators can proactively take steps to avoid pitfalls in their roles.


    • Participants will understand the principles of school law including the legal and ethical management of resources/practices as it applies to teacher employment searches.
    • Participants will understand the ethical application of law as it relates to teacher rights and liabilities.
    • Participants will comprehend the law as it relates to tenure and the retention of teachers.
    • Participants will understand educational law as it relates to due process and the dismissal of teachers.
    • Participants will know how to develop a template of interview questions to ask candidates during a teacher employment search in their district.