• Walkthroughs in a Digital Age:  Research, Theory, and Practice (AAC #1409)

    This hands-on academy will provide participants with the ability to create a digital walkthrough tool to collect information on the instructional practices utilized in teacher classrooms. Topics will focus on the research behind the benefits of walkthroughs as a tool to improve instruction, development process of the walkthrough form, question design, creating a usable tool for date collection and discuss practical  methods to analyze the data and utilized it to redirect instruction. Participants will leave this academy with a ready to use digital walkthrough form that can be immediately implemented in their schools. It is recommended that participants bring a laptop computer and attend this workshop with other colleagues in order to create the best tool for your institution. **Please come to this academy with either a current walkthrough tool to digitalize or ideas of data to be collected during the walkthrough.**


    • Participants will understand the research that supports the importance of quality instruction and how supervision of the instruction, with the use of walkthroughs, can lead to positive changes in student achievement.
    • Participants will understand the development process of creating a digital walkthrough tool.
    • Participants will be able to establish a system to collect the instructional data by using a digital walkthrough tool.
    • Participants will be able to create a data analysis tool to disseminate information to key stakeholders.
    • Participants will be able to synthesize and analyze data to identify trends that will create crucial conversations to improve instruction that will lead to an increase in student achievement.