• Rigorous Growth Goals and Effective Data Use (AAC #1611)

    This course will focus on how to assist teachers in the process of developing and writing rigorous growth goals, how to increase district inter-rater reliability in rating growth and how to use historical data to support these decisions.

    Writing good growth goals doesn’t have to be complicated. This course looks at goals that “work” and those that don’t and why, as well as ways to develop shortcuts to tools to assist in growth goal process in the district. The course will also look at what constitutes good growth, and how leaders can use data to determine the rigor and rational behind a growth goal.

    Data literacy is a cornerstone of understanding student learning and growth. Good assessments provide good data about student learning and growth which must then be used properly to help teachers pivot instruction to meet the needs of all students. The course will look at how to get good data from an assessment that can be used to inform instruction.


    • Identify Quality Growth Goals:  Participants will know how to determine the quality of growth goals and how to assist staff in writing them.
    • Inter-rater Reliability in Growth Goal Expectations: Participants will understand the importance of consistency within a district in setting goals and ways to increase reliability.
    • Collect Data for Growth and Learning: Participants will understand how teachers can collect assessment data to be used in evaluation settings to document classroom growth and learning.
    • Data Literacy: Participants will understand how to develop strategies for data analysis and help their staff make sense of data.