• Finance Knowledge for the Superintendent and Understanding for the Learning Community (AAC #1202) – Revised 2014

    This course will provide fundamental knowledge for superintendents and the learning community that include financial school law and calendar, administrative control measures, education finance, preparing the Board of Education for community discussions of finance issues and financial reports for the learning community.


    • Participants will know basic finance principles, including Illinois fund accounting, overview of district budgeting, and finance.
    • Participants will understand the basic fundamentals of school finance and administrative control of financial elements, including, but not limited to: state financial profiles, authorization of expenditures; elements of budget revenues and expenditures; making predictions on future revenues and expenditures; making short- and long-range financial planning.
    • Participants will know the basic bond types and issues for school districts, and the short-term debt/borrowing alternatives that are available.
    • Participants will know the basic fundamentals needed to create a presentation to their Board of Education for financial decision-making.