• Moving from Vision to Action: Learn How to Become an Essentialist (AAC #1820)

    This course focuses on a minimalist - or essentialist - approach so that important goals may be brought to the forefront of our lives. This approach assures that the choices made move you from a multitasking environment to one of choice that emphasizes limiting and setting goals, defining those goals clearly, setting everything else aside and refraining from taking on additional responsibilities. Leaders can make use of the essentialist principles by identifying a clear focus and clearly defined roles for team members. This approach facilitates clear communication, removal of obstacles to the goals, and choosing the best team members. The focus of this course will be how to move from vision to action by effectively impacting leadership, district finances, and balancing your personal life.


    Each participant will be able to produce a list of essential and non-essential budget items to present to the school board. This list will be prioritized based on the information learned in this session. Each participant will examine the resources available in their own building or school district and make a recommendation to the Board of Education which essential items to keep and which items to cut as a result of the district's financial condition.