• Building the Capacity for Change (AAC #1232)

    This course will provide administrators with the knowledge and skills to build capacity for change in a school district. Participants will receive guidance in the identification of the operational components for the successful pursuit of change initiatives within their schools. An adult instrument will be utilized to assist them in determining the existence and the capacity of each of these essential elements. The assessment will allow them to determine the specific elements that must be further developed before change can be successful in their school district.


    • Participants will be able to identify the components which enhance an organization’s capacity for change.
    • Each participant will be able to analyze a recent successful or unsuccessful change initiative that has pursued in his or her school district.
    • Participants will be able to plan a change initiative by utilizing a formula format for managing change.
    • Each participant will knowhow to assess his/her school district’s component capacity for the support of change and will be able to identify the strengths of the district, as well as identify the opportunities for improvement.