• Adaptive Leadership for School Administrators:  Dealing With Change (AAC #1825)
    School leaders and school districts must continuously adapt to new realities just to survive. To do this, school leaders are called to lead with the courage and skill to challenge the status quo, deploy themselves with agility and mobilize others to step into the unknown. This course will help leaders think more clearly and execute better in a shifting environment. It offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to assess the situation and oneself, and then take action toward incorporating a problem solving mindset that will enable the school district-and ourselves and those with who we work-to accept the changes we desire to be more successful.
    • The School Leader will know and understand Change Theory, will know and be able to distinguish the difference between Technical problems and Adaptive Challenges, and know how to address them within their respective contexts.
    • The School Leader will know how to diagnose the system and identify those challenges that will impact the organization in positive ways.
    • The School Leader will know how to mobilize the system by making interpretations, designing interventions and orchestrating conflict in such a way as to move the organization forward.
    • The School Leader will know the role they play in the change process by understanding how his/her respective actions and behaviors either contribute to or impede the process of implementing significant adaptive changes.
    • The School Leader will develop a Change Initiative Plan that can be implemented in his/her respective district, incorporating the various strategies to consider as a result of participating in this Academy.