IASA Code of Ethics

The IASA Members shall:

•   exercise allegiance to the United States of America and the State of Illinois

•   afford leadership to the educational community

•   demonstrate effective and efficient administration and management of schools

•   honor the public trust

•   be of high moral character in all matters public and private

•   practice the highest standards of responsibility

•   respect and protect the dignity and worth of all people

•   provide the best possible educational opportunities and experiences for all students

•   contribute to the achievement of all students at their maximum potential

•   foster communication with the public

•   increase community involvement in the schools

•   recognize parents as partners in a child's education

•   support the recruitment and retention of quality teaching and support personnel

•   add to the body of specialized knowledge of school administration

•   work within school board policy, local, state and federal laws

•   advise the board of education on educational matters

•   administer board policy and decisions effectively