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    The Illinois Association of School Administrators is the state’s premier advocacy organization for school administrators with nearly 1,750 members and a history of promoting excellence in education dating back to 1946. The guiding principles of the IASA are expressed by its vision of "Maximum Educational Success for all Students," and its mission statement, "To support school leaders in the pursuit of educational excellence through continued school improvement.

    What We Do: The IASA is a state-chartered association of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), and we work cooperatively on educational issues of national, state and local importance.

    As a statewide association, we are a united voice for superintendents in the Illinois General Assembly. We work tirelessly to advocate for legislation that will improve education in our state and benefit our members.

    IASA offers members high-quality professional development that strengthens the work of superintendents and prepares future leaders for the superintendency. IASA also employs six retired superintendents that provide mentoring services and one-on-one assistance to first, second and third-year superintendents. Our Field Services Directors are available 24/7 to answer your calls and support you in your new leadership role.

    At no additional cost, members can contact IASA’s in-house general counsel for legal consultation regarding superintendent contracts and assistance in job-related legal actions or proceedings. Members enjoy networking opportunities, access to a statewide conference and assistance with communications needs.

    In addition, IASA partners with like-minded organizations to offer essential services and assistance that improve school districts.

    Leadership: IASA is led by an executive director and a Board of Directors composed of active superintendents across Illinois. Dr. Brent Clark has served as executive director since 2006 (see about the executive director to learn more).

    Vision: Maximum Educational Success for All Students     

    Mission Statement:The Illinois Association of School Administrators will support school leaders in the pursuit of educational excellence through continued school improvement.      


    • for the IASA to be the most respected and effective educational association in Illinois.
    • for the IASA to be the best school administrators' association in the country.

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