• Governmental Relations and Advocacy

    The members of this committee will work closely with the Director of Governmental Relations to monitor those legislative and otherwise political activities that may impact Illinois public schools.   The Committee shall serve as a statewide voice for excellence in education and shall work to ensure that legislative positions, public positions of IASA, and governmental communications shall accurately reflect the interests of administrators and students across Illinois.

    The Committee shall meet to consider proposed legislation, House and Senate Bills, State Board of Education positions and other matters, which would affect public education and will work closely with the Director of Communications to prepare necessary and appropriate responses that may be available for all members within their school community and across the State of Illinois.

    Members also serve as one of the Region’s representatives to the Governmental Strategies Delegation.

    Gary R. Tipsord, Supt.
    LeRoy CUSD #2

    Associate Chairs
    Dr. Scott Doerr, Supt.
    Nokomis CUSD #22
    Dr. Judith A. Hackett, Supt.
    NW Suburban Sp. Ed. Org.
    Dr. Kimako Patterson, Supt.
    Prairie-Hills ESD #144
    Abe Lincoln
    Jennifer Gill, Supt.

    Springfield SD #186
    Scott Petrie, Supt.
    Mercer County School District #404

    Central IL Valley
    Robert Bardwell, Supt.
    Eureka CUSD #140

    Cook North
    Dr. Kaine Osburn, Supt.
    Avoca SD #37

    Cook South
    Dr. Anthony Edison, Supt.
    Posen-Robbins ESD #143-5

    Cook West
    Dr. Jennifer Kelsall, Supt.      
    Ridgewood CHSD #234                                                    

    Corn Belt
    Paul Deters, Supt.
    Lexington CUSD #7

    Mark Cross, Supt.
    Cass SD #63

    Matt Donkin, Supt.
    Frankfort CUSD #168

    Phillip Cox, Supt.
    Salt Fork CUSD #512

    Michael J. Shackelford, Supt.
    Brownstown CUSD #201

    Dr. Scott Rowe, Supt.
    Huntley Community School District #158

    Dr. Kurt Schneider, Supt.
    NSSED #804 - Lake

    Dr. Thomas D. Mahoney, Supt.
    Oregon CUSD #220 

    Dr. Steve Webb, Supt.
    Goreville CUSD #1

    Dr. Carrie Hruby, Supt.
    O'Fallon CCSD #90

    Starved Rock
    Dr. Brian DeBernardi, Supt.
    La Salle ESD #122

    Three Rivers
    Dr. Paul Schrik, Supt.
    Troy CCSD #30C

    Two Rivers
    Scott Riddle, Supt.

    CUSD #4

    Wabash Valley
    Travis Wyatt, Supt.
    North Clay CUSD #25

    Angela Simmons-Kenser, Supt./Elem. Prin.
    CUSD #3 Fulton County