• Presidential Citations

    Presidential Citation Presidential Citations are awards presented to individuals who the President believes have made a contribution to public education. The President is limited to no more than five Presidential Citations.

    • Each region may award up to two Presidential Citations each year.  The citations are to be awarded to individuals who are not now involved in public education as a professional educator.

    • Nominations from Region members should be made to the Director of the Region.

    • By the end of February each year, the Board of Director member shall inform the region membership of the nominations.

    • An election of the nominations for the two Presidential Citations, either by ballot in writing or by election during a regional meeting, may be conducted by April each year.

    • The Board of Director Member shall inform the IASA Office of the citation recipients for their inclusion in the IASA Newsletter.

    Please contact Cherry Middleton for additional information or call 217/753-2213.