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  • One size does not fit all, which is why American Fidelity can help protect your employees with benefits and financial solutions designed specifically for their unique situation. With our help, your school district may offer a robust portfolio of benefits, with a wide variety of plans and programs available to your employees. We are proud to offer supplemental benefits designed with the education employee in mind. Your employees cannot plan for when an illness will occur, but they can prepare for the unexpected expenses. 

    From Section 125 Plans, to Cancer and Disability Income Insurance, our expertise and experience in your industry can be a valuable resource to IASA members. Let us help protect your employees and their families with supplemental benefits. For more information, visit American Fidelity’s website at www.americanfidelity.com.


  • ECRA Group is a premier leadership, planning, and analytics firm focused on assisting boards of education and educational leaders improve student outcomes by adopting more evidence-based practices. By focusing on leadership, planning, and analytics, ECRA helps ensure energy and resources are directed toward what truly matters for students. ECRA Group helps school systems articulate a student-centered vision that inspires and engages stakeholders, aligns resources, and provides a framework for leadership and governance. ECRA’s blended app-based approach combines deep analytic expertise, cloud services, and professional services to provide boards of education, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students the information needed to monitor student progress and bring decisions into focus®.  Visit https://ecragroup.com/ to learn more about their services.


  • PMA Financial Network, LLC, along with its affiliates PMA Securities, Inc. and Prudent Man Advisors, Inc., is a full service public finance firm offering competitive investment options, cash flow analysis, bond proceeds management, as well as debt issuance and financial advisory services. PMA Financial Network, Inc. has been a leading provider of financial services since 1984 and has built a reputation as a reliable, professional financial organization offering unique products and services for public sector clients. For more information, please visit www.pmanetwork.com/.


  • The Southern Illinois University System - where learning comes first, where students are valued and encouraged to explore new ideas, and where progress is complemented by tradition. For more informatiom please visit http://siusystem.edu/.


  • WCSIT-ISDA  At the very heart of the program, the Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Trust's (WCSIT)workers’ compensation coverage is competitively priced, and includes $2,000,000 coverage for employer’s liability, a higher limit than that provided by WCSIT's competition. 

    • Over $21 million in payments back to members
    • Approximately $200 million in claims paid
    • Approximately $20 million in current assets

    In 1986, the Illinois School District Agency (ISDA) was established to help combat the high cost of traditional property/casualty insurance. Today, the ISDA provides competitively priced property/casualty coverage to over 130 school districts across the state. Learn more by clicking here