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  • Aflac has a dedicated centralized service team that is committed to helping IASA members find lower cost plans with higher benefits and better technology solutions.

    Why Aflac now? Aflac can tailor fit a plan to protect your employees with benefits and financial solutions designed specifically for their unique situation. With the IASA plan, your school district may offer a robust variety of plans and programs to your employees. From Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital, Disability and even Life Insurance, to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), 403(b) administration, and a new System-Of-Record BenAdmin system, Aflac’s expertise and experience in your industry can be a valuable resource to IASA members. For more information about how Aflac can be your Illinois school partner, call:

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    The Southern Illinois University System - where learning comes first, where students are valued and encouraged to explore new ideas, and where progress is complemented by tradition. With a total budget of approximately $867 million, the University employs more than 7,000 faculty, staff, and administrators who serve over 28,000 students. A modern and comprehensive post-secondary educational system, SIU offers a broad range of academic programs that lead to associate, baccalaureate, master's, specialist's, and doctoral and professional practice degrees in 32 fields including educational administration, law, medicine, pharmacy, and dental medicine. For more informatiom please visit http://siusystem.edu/.

    For decades, University of Illinois Department of Education has produced Illinois' strong and successful leaders in Education. Choose your path and complete a certificate, add an endorsement, or obtain a Masters degree to lead you to the next step in your career. Graduate programs in Educational Leadership lead to careers in Instructional Design, Higher Education Administration, Technology Coordinators, Curriculum Directors, Community College Faculty, Educational Consultants, or to new positions in the PK-12 system such as Principal, Superintendent, Special Education, or ESL. Visit https://www.uis.edu/edl/.

    WCSIT-ISDA  At the very heart of the program, the Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Trust's (WCSIT)workers’ compensation coverage is competitively priced, and includes $2,000,000 coverage for employer’s liability, a higher limit than that provided by WCSIT's competition. 

    • Over $21 million in payments back to members
    • Approximately $200 million in claims paid
    • Approximately $20 million in current assets

    In 1986, the Illinois School District Agency (ISDA) was established to help combat the high cost of traditional property/casualty insurance. Today, the ISDA provides competitively priced property/casualty coverage to over 130 school districts across the state. Learn more by clicking here