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  • CrisisGo delivers technology that supports schools and districts' efforts to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from critical situations. The CrisisGo incident management platform can be used to digitize safety response plans and support threat assessment teams. The system include instant emergency alerts, communication, status checks and reunification tools. CrisisGo reduces response times and drives efficiency and situational awareness to save time in an emergency. Click here to learn more. 


  • DYOPath was formed after the merger of Single Path and DYONYX. It uses an innovative model to work with district leadership and align the integration of technology with its mission to improve student learning. We are unique because we have a company of experienced educators, administrators, superintendents, and technology consultants that can deliver and execute upon a district’s vision. Visit https://dyopath.com/ to learn more. 


  • Guin Mundorf, LLC is a preeminent law firm representing public schools in Illinois. The firm's highly experienced attorneys devote their time to cost effective counseling, solving problems and litigating on behalf of education clients. Guin Mundorf, LLC represents its educational clients in a wide variety of areas, including employment and personnel matters, collective bargaining, open meetings and records, purchasing and contracting, policy development, student rights, FERPA, employee benefits, including HIPAA, vocational education, school finance, election law, tort claims, insurance law, real estate and special education. Visit https://www.gmschoollaw.com/ to learn more. 


  • Our firm is a leader in Illinois school, municipal and park district law. With twenty-five years of practice, we are confident in saying that our firm is successful.  The two objective measures of success are growth and stability. Our firm has grown from five founding partners to twenty-one partners, from six attorneys to thirty-five attorneys, from one office to three, and our client base has increased more than 500 percent since 1990. With few exceptions, our attorneys began their law career with the firm and have remained. Unlike many other law firms, we have not experienced any fractures among our partnership. We have grown and we are stable.

    The firm currently represents public school districts, private schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, park districts and other local governments, as well as private corporations and associations throughout Illinois. Click here to learn more.


  • Horace Mann is an insurance and financial services company that is committed to helping educators and all school employees achieve financial success at every stage of their lives.  We also understand the importance of staying within a budget and help our customers identify resources within their existing budgets to direct to their financial goals. With strategies to reduce or eliminate student loan debt, ways to secure classroom funding without using their own money and insurance program reviews to find savings, we work to maximize their hard-earned dollars and help develop a path to a successful financial future.  Visit http://www.horacemann.com/ to learn more.


  • Humanex Ventures partners with leaders in the community to help them achieve their potential. It specializes and supports its education partners through: Selection Assessments, Developmental Assessments, Culture & Climate: Assessments & Consulting, Student Engagement: Assessments & Consulting and Student Career Guidance: Assessments & Consulting. Click Here to learn more.


  • As a boutique education law firm, Kriha Boucek will partner with public school districts and cooperatives to provide innovative, proactive and cost-effective legal services and solutions, allowing school board members and administrators to focus on their important mission of educating children. We truly value client relationships and make it our business to understand yours. Visit our website to learn more https://krihalaw.com/


  • Renaissance is dedicated to helping grow student’s reading and math skills through, myOn and Freckle. myOn provides access to over 13,000 enhanced digital fiction and nonfiction books, with unlimited access on any device. The tools help build literacy skills while providing real-time actionable data to monitor reading behavior and growth. To learn more about myON, visit: www.renaissance.com/products/myon/

    Freckle offers a suite of easy-to-use tools across Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science. With Freckle Math, teachers spend less time manually differentiating their lessons and more time helping their students grow by providing age-appropriate challenges, from Number Basics to Algebra 1. To learn more about Freckle, visit: www.freckle.com


  • A top ranked underwriter of school bonds in Illinois and nationally – Stifel can assist with all of your capital planning needs from the County School Facilities Sales Tax to health life safety bonds to cash flow borrowing to planning and preparing for possible tax caps.  Stifel helps our clients with short term needs but always keeps in mind long term flexibility.  Visit www.stifel.com/publicfinance to learn more.