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  • Bloom boardBloomBoard is a talent development provider that helps school districts with educator pipeline, advancement, and retention solutions. We offer turnkey programs to move educators forward at all points of their professional journey—from becoming a Teacher’s Aide to becoming a School Leader. By providing accessible, professional growth opportunities for your staff, you’re not only elevating and advancing your existing educators, you’re becoming an employer of choice to attract more high-quality, dedicated teachers. Click here to learn more. 

    Buy Board The BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative helps save time and money while purchasing the products school systems use every day. Would you like to save time and money? BuyBoard is an online purchasing cooperative designed to streamline the purchasing process and help its members make confident buying decisions. Contracts and vendors awarded through BuyBoard have been competitively procured, to assist members with compliance with local and state procurement requirements and a documented audit trail. Transparency in the procurement process is treated with a high degree of focus and is of paramount importance. All vendors are treated on equal terms and are on the same plane of competition. Click Here to learn more. 

    dot com therapyDotCom Therapy (DCT) is the most comprehensive pediatric teletherapy provider for healthcare and educational organizations serving families across the nation. With a 5-star patient rating and 97% retention among its network of professional therapists, DCT provides the flexibility families and organizations require to meet the mental health, behavioral, speech and occupational therapy needs of children in their care. DCT is a therapist-founded company that has partnered with schools, health systems, health plans, communities, and families to provide trustworthy and flexible therapy since 2015. Through its secure online platform and teletherapy app, Zesh, DCT brings face-to-face therapy to everyone, everywhere. Click Here to learn more. 

    energy systems groupSince 1994, ESG has been creating springboards to help those it serves reach higher heights through ESG: Push Further. Think Beyond.™ ESG is a leading energy services provider that helps customers across the country advance their goals by driving operational efficiencies and improving livability, workability, and resiliency. ESG’s team of leading engineers, project managers, and solution architects identify, integrate, and implement comprehensive energy, technology, and infrastructure solutions that drive revenue, reduce costs, and promote security and sustainability. Built on the power of ideas, engineering solutions, and exceptional delivery, ESG’s innovative energy and infrastructure solutions focus on measurable technical, financial, and operational results. There is something all of our people and projects have in common: exceptional ideas and delivery, in pursuit of a better way. Click Here to learn more. 

    fgm architechtsFGM Architects works with people and organizations that serve others and impact lives. We recognize the importance of a school not only to its students, faculty, staff and administrators, but to the entire community as well. With a clear vision, collaborative process and attention to detail, we strive to create rich, sustainable learning environments that provide a proud heritage for decades to come. Click here for more information.

    lifetouchFor more than 80 years, Lifetouch has been the professional photography company of choice for schools and families. Built on the tradition of “Picture Day”, Lifetouch captures smiling faces from preschool through high school graduation, as well as sports, special events, seniors, and yearbooks. Additional photography services are offered through JCPenney Portraits by Lifetouch, helping families capture special milestones nationwide. Click Here to learn more. 


    law firmMiller, Tracy, Braun, Funk & Miller, Ltd. continues its proud tradition of serving Illinois schools with unmatched dedication to strong client relationships forged through integrity, honesty and passion for our work.  We are committed to continually supporting school administrators and board members to find effective, legally sound, creative, and common sense solutions for any challenges school districts in Illinois may face. The firm now serves clients with advice in several diverse fields of expertise, in school law, education law, labor law, investigations, federal and Illinois discrimination law, university student and employee matters and a comprehensive civil private practice. Click Here to learn more. 



    quest food managementQuest Food Management Services was founded in 1985 in Lombard, Illinois, with the goal of providing fresh, made from scratch food and intensely personal service. Today, the company has grown to over $75 million in annual revenue through its partnerships with over 115 accounts in the Midwest. Quest Food Management Services provides services to business & industry, higher education, conference centers, and the K-12 segment. It has a depth of experience in facility and equipment design and construction, and offers a wealth of expertise in nutrition, marketing, food safety and sanitation, staff management and community building. Click Here to learn more. 

    thought exchangeWhat if you could hear from all your employees at once, and leverage their expertise into a strategy you could use? ThoughtExchange provides a platform for extraordinary respect and thoughtful discussion on even the most complex and divisive topics. With the world’s number one anti-bias Enterprise Discussion Management Platform in your tech stack, you can scale the actual human perspective into high-quality data to solve your most critical business problems. ThoughtExchange helps you get the right data because it helps you ask the right questions at the right times. And no matter how many people you ask, you’ll get results you can understand and use. Click Here to learn more.

    veregyVeregy is an industry leader in energy efficiency solutions, solar and smart building technology. We believe innovation — together with unparalleled service — creates the most long-term value for our clients. Veregy’s experienced and dedicated team develop and deliver customized strategies to resolve our client’s facility challenges, while optimizing building performance and reducing energy consumption. We also believe in bringing out the best in each other. Customer relationships built on transparency last longer, which is at the core of everything we do. Click Here to learn more.