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  • Budget Basics

    Understanding the school district budget is one of the most important financial responsibilities of a school Superintendent, regardless of the size of the district. This 3.5-hour virtual workshop is designed for early-career Superintendents (1st-5th years), but is also helpful for any other Superintendent, administrator or bookkeeper who would benefit from a very basic workshop on the school district budget.

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    Evaluator Academies

    IASA has established a full schedule of academies, both virtually and in-person, designed to help educators fulfill state requirements for evaluator initial training and retraining. Each academy is taught by an experienced and knowledgeable educator that will provide you with the tools and skills needed to become a stronger evaluator. Academies are being offered for principal evaluator retraining (AA 1865), teacher evaluator retraining (AA 1801) and student growth retraining for both principal and teacher evaluators (AA 3000). In addition, IASA is offering initial principal evaluator training (AA 2000) and initial teacher evaluator training (AA 2001).

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    Re-Finding Your Why

    The 2021-22 school year has been a constant tug of war of emotions and actions that has left school administrators across our state drained. If you’re in search of a fun academy that will re-energize you, IASA’s “Coaching Leaders: Re-finding Your Why – AA #1445” is the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow school administrators for an inspirational and reflective event that will leave you feeling motivated.

    The academy is presented by Dr. Courtney Orzel, IASA’s Associate Director of Professional Development.

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    WIL Academy

    Join us for an inspiring, motivating, important and FUN administrators' academy to learn about "Women in Leadership: Learning, Leading and Living!" (AA #3665). There has never been a more important time to reflect on the role of leadership as we live through a global pandemic. We know there is a disproportionate number of female leaders vs. female teachers in the field. This is a topic that is relevant to all educators -- how do we grow and support our female leaders? Leave the academy with tangible and practical ways to build your PLN, support others in the field and gain a greater sense of work-life blend. 

    If you are a female superintendent in Illinois, this session is for you! If you are a male superintendent, you are always welcome to join this session, and we ask that you forward it onto your central office staff (or other leaders in your organization) who you believe might benefit from this academy. This academy is presented by Dr. Courtney Orzel. 

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