• PERA, evaluations and senate bill 7 workshop

    The evaluation, retention and dismissal of your staff is really a series of interconnected steps that create a cycle that must be followed each year. In this three-hour workshop, the presenters will focus on the components of this cycle. Information will be shared on each step of the cycle, including the PERA Joint Committee, the SB7/RIF Committee and the timelines in which each of these committees must complete their work. Participants will also review the pertinent documents from their own districts relevant to this cycle. Time will be given for Q and A. The workshop is presented by Ralph Grimm and Pat Durley. Click Here to learn more and register. 


    why your why mattersIASA's popular leadership academy strand focusing on your Why returns with five new sessions. Whether you've experienced a Why session before, or you're taking Why Your Why Matters for the first time, register today and join your colleagues around the state to network, collaborate and reflect on why being an educator is the most important profession on Earth! The first of five sessions will be held virtually on December 6. The series continues with four more sessions, both online and virtually, through June 22, 2023. Participants will examine their own motivations and current social emotional condition, learn those of their colleagues and, through sharing, discussion and role playing, acquire and practice strategies to coach themselves and team members into healthier social-emotional states. This academy is presented by Dr. Courtney Orzel. Click Here to learn more and register. 

    power of positive teams

    Based on the proven principles from Jon Gordon's best-selling book, The Power of Positive Teams (POPT), we'll share proven strategies and practices to help you build a stronger, more united, and connected team. POPT is an interactive program facilitated by Dr. Kelly D. Stewart, a certified Jon Gordon Companies trainer that gives teams the necessary tools to: Create a positive team culture fueled by a shared vision and greater purpose; Activate the competitive advantage of positivity in day-to-day teamwork; Enhance team grit to overcome challenges and create solutions; Generate team alignment and engagement; Foster team caring and inclusivity; Drive continuous improvement; Leave a team legacy of greatness; Address and remove team negativity to improve team communication and clarity; and Build team trust and unity. This academy is presented by Dr. Kelly Stewart. Click here to learn more and register. 

    power of positive leadershipThe  research is clear. Being a positive leader is not just a nice way to lead. It’s the way to lead if you want to build a great culture, unite  your organization in the face of change and adversity, develop a  connected and committed team and achieve superior goals. Great leaders  understand that to succeed, you succeed with people–and this training  shows you how. You’ll learn skills to enhance your leadership capability and leave with a practical action plan to bring out the best in yourself and your team. While leaders always need to display positive  leadership, in our current situation it is crucial! For  the Application/Dissemination, participants will complete a Positive Leadership Manifesto, which consists of questions that tie directly to  the training activities and a one-page response as to how they will  apply the training to create a culture that enables instructional  improvement. This academy is presented by Dr. Kelly Stewart. Click Here to learn more and register. 

    Adaptive Leadership

    Quality schools utilize the practice of continuous improvement. Student growth and learning should never be stagnant. There are always new practices and strategies being discovered that will enable students to be more engaged and to learn better. However, teachers are not necessarily quick to change their practices to what many might perceive as “the latest trend,” although these practices have demonstrated improved learning for students. How do we, as administrators, challenge and encourage teachers to be open-minded to new practices and strategies for learning? Administrators have a responsibility to know and understand how to implement change so that they may convey these practices to those with whom they work to be the best teachers possible for their students. This academy is presented by Dr. Gary Zabilka. Click Here to learn more and register.   

    evaluator academies

    IASA has established a full schedule of academies designed to help educators fulfill state requirements for evaluator initial training and retraining. Each academy is taught by an experienced and knowledgeable educator that will provide you with the tools and skills needed to become a stronger evaluator. Academies are being offered for principal evaluator retraining (AA 1865), teacher evaluator retraining (AA 1801) and student growth retraining for both principal and teacher evaluators (AA 3000). In addition, IASA is offering initial principal evaluator training (AA 2000) and initial teacher evaluator training (AA 2001). These academies will be held on Zoom unless otherwise noted. The session are open to anyone. Click Here to learn more and register. 

    women in leadership

    IASA's Women in Leadership Academy returns with a new version that focuses on facing our fears, increasing our confidence and, as always, networking, supporting and connecting with leaders across Illinois. Participants will leave with practical ways to build your PLN, support others in the field and gain a greater sense of work-life blend. All leaders — men and women — are encouraged to join this experience. Register today and join your peers from across the state for an inspiring, fun and important leadership academy! This academy is presented by Dr. Courtney Orzel. Click Here to learn more and register. 


    unfinished leaderThis academy serves as a guidepost to help leaders understand they are works in progress and to help create a vision for their individual futures. To be the best version of yourself you have to be driven deeply by something. You must believe that you have an impact to make and a legacy to leave. You must know that the work will never be done. If you care deeply about making an impact - and you are willing to do anything for your students and community - admit that you are unfinished and strive to get better every day. The key element that sets the incredibly effective leader apart from everyone else is their commitment to never settle for less than the very best. This internal drive is what fuels the grind and what allows for the seemingly impossible to be done. This academy is presented by Dr. Mike Lubelfeld and Dr. Nick Polyak. Click Here to learn more and register. 

    Webinars with WomenThe Illinois Association of School Administrators and Illinois Principals Association are proud to once again partner on a five-part series designed to support female educators considering the superintendency. Participants will listen and learn from a panel of five distinguished female superintendents. In each session, the panelists will discuss their experiences and share advice on what it takes to land that first job and how to be successful in a leadership role. A facilitator will help lead the conversation, and time will be reserved for participants to submit questions. Click Here to learn more and register.  


    problem solving and collective bargaining academy

    Collective bargaining in your district does not have to be an adversarial process.This IASA academy can help administrators, board members and association (union) members better understand how a collaborative approach to solving problems can help your school district amicably reach results that will be lasting and durable. Specifically, the course provides participants information on the three main components of Interest-Based Bargaining: Training, “Communication Lab” and Bargaining. Click Here to learn more and register. 


    health life safety compliance

    IASA's Health Life Safety Compliance Academy: An Administrators Guide to the Fundamentals returns in 2023 with two more sessions! Participants will develop strategies to reduce your district's liability, engage stakeholders, learn the financial do’s and don’ts, as well as undertake a deep dive into your current 10 year HLS surveys and IWAS.This academy is activity- and collaboration-filled, where participants learn "the meat and potatoes" of health life safety and compliance in Illinois. In addition, participants receive useful take back summary and guidance documents. Click Here to learn more and register.